TIP: Pay attention to the letters that appear on the right of your screen. They let you know whether you're getting closer to a letter. The closer you are to that letter, the  brighter that letter gets.

Dreaming upon dreaming upon dreaming. They provide you with ease and a challenge at the same time. Lets see how long you will stay in this lucid dream.


Your goal is to find all the letters scattered in your dream. When you get within range to one of them, you'll hear a ringing sound and that letter will light up more on the right side of your screen.

The messages from collecting each letter are really crucial to helping you combat the dangerous forces.

This game was made for a game jam with the theme: Wisdom. The limitation of weight as a mechanic is incorporated in this game.

There are things that will weigh you down. Be careful as you venture through.


WASD Movement

Left click: Activates your unleashed power when you can


04B_30_TTF Font - Yoji Oshimoto


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Awesome visuals, feels absolutely amazing. Unfortunately while playing I encountered some big wave or what was that, falling down and after hitting me I "sunk down too far" after that player was glitching and couldn't move. Interesting concept though, with more work it might be fun, but as it is it was somewhat confusing and I wish the gameplay would be more clear. 

Thank you for the amazng feedback! I See the game does need a bit of fixing, and I'm glad you pointed that glitch out. I will also try my best to make the visuals clearer.


Very creative and fun!